Some Good Hops Father's Day gift ideas!

5 Some Good Hops Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is coming up! This year, let's get pops something he'll really enjoy. Take the socks out of the cart. He has enough of those. Instead, take a look through Some Good Hops for some high-quality, craft beer-inspired apparel. 

Here are five in particular that we think he'll love. 

Navy Palm Print Straw UPF Lifeguard Hat

Does your dad need a Some Good Hops straw hat this Father's Day?

A good straw hat is an absolute must when you live in South Florida (or anywhere, for that matter). Our handwoven seagrass straw hat is durable, stylish, and comfortable. Plus, it'll stay on your dad's head even if he's doing something athletic like playing golf or pickleball; you can thank the adjustable chin cord for that. 

Floral Snapback Hat

A Some Good Hops floral snapback could be just what your dad needs this Father's Day

A classic-looking crown with a vibrant, eclectic bill. Our floral snapback has the best of both worlds, and a comfortable fit to match its unique style. When your dad asserts that he is, in fact, still cool, you'll have to take him at his word if he's wearing this bad boy. 

Salute Your Local Dive Bar T-Shirt


Some Good Hops lets your dad honor his favorite bar this Father's Day

All dads have that special dive bar where the bartenders know his name and what he'll have to drink. With the Some Good Hops "Salute Your Local Dive Bar" shirt, the old man can show some support for his favorite watering hole, all while the lightweight cotton material keeps him comfortable as he throws a few back. 

Resting-Beer'd-Face T-Shirt

Bearded beer drinkers will love this Some Good Hops shirt this Father's Day.

This one's for the dad who's been rocking a sweet beard that everyone is jealous of. He probably started growing it out as soon as he got into craft beer (#ForTheCulture), and now he needs a t-shirt to go with his glorious facial hair. Our "Resting Beer'd Face" shirt is precisely the shirt to honor both his love of beer and his well-groomed whiskers.  

Black Camo Snapback Hat

Some Good Hops camo this Father's Day? Of course!

It's no secret that practically every dad has a little bit of camo in his closet (or does he?...*ba dumm tsss*). This five-panel camo snapback is breathable, comfortable, and would be a worthy addition to his collection this Father's Day. Just be ready for the dad jokes when he denies that he's wearing a hat at all.


Happy Father's Day from everyone at Some Good Hops!