Mendez Fuel beer growler

The Magic of Mendez Fuel

If you're a beer lover in South Florida, odds are, you know about Mendez Fuel. Even if you don't know it as "Mendez Fuel," you probably know it as "that cool gas station on Coral Way with all the different beers and popcorns." Something, like that. But you've likely heard of one of the worst kept secrets in the Miami craft beer scene, the place to explore some of the best and most diverse selections available, while also munching on delicious snacks and deli options: Mendez Fuel. 

We at Some Good Hops are proud to sell a selection of our swag at Mendez Fuel, which was founded by Andrew and Michael Mendez. We had a chance to speak to Andrew about the process of creating such an impressive menu of food and beer. Let's see what's behind the magic of Mendez Fuel!

Handpicked by Los Dueños

Next time you go to Mendez Fuel and marvel at all the different food and beer options, thank the owners. Those bags of "sea salt caramel/cookies & cream" and "truffle parmesan/black garlic" popcorn? Selected by Andrew and Michael Mendez. Those new imports of brews you've never heard of but are now dying to try? Curated by the Mendez brothers themselves.

Mendez Fuel has new options for customers nearly every week. There's no getting bored when perusing this gem on Coral Way and 32nd Ave, all thanks to the stellar food, beer, and wine distributors they've partnered with and the keen eye of those who run the show. 

On Deck

Mendez Fuel doesn't just showcase other top brewers; Andrew and Michael Mendez dabble in the art of beermaking themselves! Arriving in the middle of next week is Mendez Fuel's Super IPA, a name that plays on the gas grade. This is a no-frills, classic, West Coast-style IPA. Think a Lagunitas-type beer, except with that unmistakable Mendez Fuel logo. 

Mendez Fuel Super IPA

So if you're looking for that signature hoppy profile of a traditional IPA, make sure to swing by Mendez Fuel next week and pick up some Super IPA. 

A Staple in the Making

Mendez Fuel has only been around for a few years, yet has already made it onto the tips of every South Florida beer drinker's tongue. That's what happens when you dedicate yourself to providing high-quality goods to anyone and everyone who walks through your door. There's no telling where Andrew and Michael Mendez will be able to take Mendez Fuel, but one thing's for sure; the beer connoisseurs of South Florida will be happy to go along for the ride. Some Good Hops is privileged to be able to sell our products at one of Miami's finest small businesses. 

Cheers to the many beers and snacks to come!