Sunblazer Golden Ale: A Panthers Brew

Sunblazer Golden Ale: A Panthers Brew

A golden ale for the Golden Panthers! Sunblazer Golden Ale, crafted by Alan Espino of Beat Culture, has hit the campus of Florida International University. Espino describes Sunblazer as "golden in color with pillowy foam and an aroma of light grain, with a citrus note from the herbal hops." In other words, perfect for some easy day or nighttime drinking, with or without a meal. 

Honoring the Culture

Sunblazer Golden Ale was given its distinct taste in order to encapsulate Miami's vibrant, multicultural, and upbeat lifestyle. FIU, with its student population of over 56,000 from all around the globe, has long served as a microcosm of such a culture. It was only natural for the university to partner with a successful local brewery in Beat Culture, who was able to masterfully concoct the Panthers' signature brew! 

As for the name, the "Sunblazer" title was given in homage of FIU's first mascot. They weren't always the Panthers, believe it or not. Once upon a time, they were the Sunblazers, complete with a...unique-looking mascot. They became the Golden Panthers in 1987, which has since been shortened to just Panthers. Nevertheless, the Sunblazer remains a charming and indelible part of FIU's history, which is now honored on the label of every can of Sunblazer Golden Ale. The Sunblazer will live on!

Where to Drink Sunblazer

Sunblazer Golden Ale is ready and waiting for any Panthers student or fan looking to enjoy a genuine taste of the 305. It officially hit the tastebuds of the FIU faithful at the baseball team's home opener a few weeks ago, and can now be enjoyed (responsibly, of course) at the on-campus Vicky's Bakery, Chili's, and all athletic venues. 

If you can't make it to FIU to enjoy some Sunblazer, no biggie! Head on down to Beat Culture on 7250 NW 11th Street and pick up a six-pack...or two...or three. Early reports indicate this delicious brew tastes even better when you're wearing Some Good Hops swag. Do with that information what you will. 

Supporting the Golden Panthers

Sunblazer Golden Ale wasn't just created as an opportunity for Beat Culture to create a signature beer for the university; it was also a way to give back. Alan Espino, the founder of Beat Culture and a friend of Some Good Hops, is a proud FIU alum. As such, a portion of the revenue produced by Sunblazer goes back to the school. When you drink FIU's golden ale, you support the Golden Panthers. 

So sit back and enjoy a can of FIU's easy-drinking golden ale, while rocking some high-quality Some Good Hops apparel to complete the aesthetic. And go Panthers!