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Craft Beer Element Silver Bangle - "The Hop" - Some Good Hops

Craft Beer Element Silver Bangle - "The Hop"

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We have partnered up with our friend Jessica (HopHeart via Etsy) to bring you this great piece of jewelry.

"Ah, the Hop. Humulus Lupulus. The female flower that is vital to the brewing process. Hops are the bitter (in a good way, not your ex kind of way) note you taste in beer, whether it's the star or used for balance, they add flavor, aroma, and help preserve the beer itself."

"This bangle is perfect for all the craft beer ladies out there who love good beer...because rad chicks drink beer, and these bangles like to party. Pair with a chunky chain, or oversized watch, they are perfect for stacking and mixing metals."

"All expandable bangles made from recycled metal and are one size fits all."

- courtesy of HopHeart @ Etsy